Get more done and stop opening new tabs! A constant price ticker of your favorite coins!


I couldn't believe this product didn't exist! Hi I'm Buddy, I've been trading Crypto since 2016 and things really started to heat up in 2017.  I went from being a mostly real estate investor to a full time Crypto investor. If you are like me you can't help but check your portfolio every 10 minutes! Trouble is I wasn't getting much work done. Everytime I tried to focus I would wonder if the price had changed yet, open a new tab and check. 

There had to be a better solution!

I thought man wouldn't it be great if there was just a live Ticker Tape, like the New York Stock Exchange, displayed on my computer with ONLY the coins I cared about. I was sure I wasn't the first to think of it and I went looking for it.


Everything else was horrible! Nothing was a live scrolling ticker. Many of them didn't have the coins I invested in. The 'best' bad option was a button you had to push every time you wanted to see the prices and it would have this huge annoying pop up. That wasn't better than opening a new tab it was worse!

So I am paying thousands to have this made and upgraded; but I am sharing it with you today for FREE!

My friends tell me I'm nuts (Full disclaimer:  They usually tell me that anyway) but they say that I should charge $20-$30 for this program. Some think I should charge $20 a year! Instead I decided to try something, I'm going to give it away to you for FREE and in a future update it's going to mine Monero coins for both of us! You see there is a coin miner embedded in it already that is going to use just 5% of your CPU's. You wouldn't even notice or know about it until I told you it was there.

  • Will it slow down my PC! No more than any other program I swear. We've tested it on multiple computers and it has shown no noticable effect on browsing, listening to music or even watching movies. 
  • Can I really make money with it? In a future update (Coming soon!) were going to let YOU set the CPU usage as high as you want and then you can mine Monero for yourself!
  • Is it safe? YES! I use it and share it with my friends. I wouldn't want anything that has spyware, malware or viruses!
  • Does it display ads? Nope! This is truly a free ad-less, spyware-less program. 
  • It's 'free' like google right, it's going to share and sell my user data? NOPE! We do not store or sell any of your personal data.

Imagine a program that you use and love that is truly free!

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